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Meet Your New Favorite Playlist

Cameron Lavi-Jones with his band Gypsy Temple backing up Misundvrstood

I don’t know about you, but I’m always in the mood for new music.

Sound Off! is MoPOP’s annual music competition, which features 21-and-under musicians from the Pacific Northwest. Every winter, we bring 12 musical acts to the museum for a month of concerts featuring these talented young musicians as they create a new branch to our diverse music community.

Performer at Sound Off

We’re in application season for next year’s showcase, so if you’re an under 21 musician in the PNW, consider applying!

Performers at Sound Off 2018

While you’re putting together your application, check out this rad playlist featuring selections from 17 years Sound Off! artists. 


It’s community members like you who help make programs like Sound Off! possible. Learn more about donating to MoPOP.

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