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Celebrating MoPOP's 'Write Out of This World' Short Story Contest on Author's Day - November 1

Write Out of This World: Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Contest
Take a look back at some of MoPOP's past winners from Write Out of This World: Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Story Contest on Author's Day, celebrated November 1.

November 1 marks Author's Day, when the world is encouraged to take a moment to appreciate the creative minds behind their favorite books, poems, graphic novels, films, and other works of art.

If you're making your way through the Museum of Pop Culture on Friday, celebrate the holiday by taking a stroll through the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame's (SFFHOF) first-floor exhibit, which highlights the work of famous literary names like J.K. Rowling, Stan Lee, and C.S. Lewis. Before entering SFFHOF's double doors, tilt your head up for a glimpse of Rick Deckard's Spinner, a flying car from the original 1982 Blade Runner film that just so happens to be set in November 2019 (we made it to the future, folks!). Inside SFFHOF, where Blade Runner is listed as a 2016 inductee, you'll find some unique work from the film's director and fellow SFFHOF honoree Ridley Scott, including a hand-annotated script for his 1979 sci-fi genre debut, Alien. "Why the hell don't you guys just freeze him?"

At MoPOP, where we're always looking to inspire the next Rowling, Lee, Lewis, or Scott, our Write Out of This World program gives tomorrow's storytellers a platform to share their work. A short story contest focused on the science fiction and fantasy genres, Write Out of This World provides authors between grades 3–12 with an outlet for their creativity. Submissions for Write Out of This World's next installment open on January 1, 2020, but in honor of Author's Day (and to give future entrants a bit of inspiration), we take a look back at the program's first-place winners from 2019 and 2018. And remember, these future SFFHOF-ers are still just getting started!


Evelyn Bieniawski; "When the Needle Touches Your Skin" (Grades 3–5)

Bieniawski introduces readers to a post-apocalyptic setting where Astrid and his mother work to escape the wrath of the Ezrala, zombie-like beings which have taken over their home planet.

Naomi Delavan; "The Execution of Katie Stirn" (Grades 6–8)

Delavan explores the struggles with society in Dearmad, a village that's grown wary of Katie Stirn's witching ways.

Eleanor Cenname; "Watches" (Grades 9–12)

Cenname takes wearable technology to its eerily-realistic limits, highlighting Jeanne's interactions with her CIS, or Customized Intelligence System.


Vivian R. Tynes; "The Harpy's Familiar" (Grades 3–5)

Tynes' tale follows Coatl, a spry young harpy who ventures into the Deep Forest to obtain an unlikely familiar. 

Varenna Ronald; "A Dragon's Seasons" (Grades 6–8)

Ronald's fable uses first-person narrative to express an intimate relationship with a dragon named Blossom.

Daphne Land; "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" (Grades 9–12)

Land brings a sci-fi twist to the botany world, tracking competitive gardener Mary Scott on her quest to create the perfect crop of pod people.

Which of your favorite authors will you be celebrating? Let us know in the comment section down below!

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