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August Visitor Voices

MoPOP Admission Stickers
Whether it’s a school field trip, a family outing or a just by chance visit, everyone has a story about their visit to the Museum of Pop Culture.

These stories can give us a behind-the-scenes look at the individuals who work at the museum and the meaningful, transformative experiences that guests had during their visit and how their experience entertained, educated and/or helped them gain a new perspective and appreciation for pop culture.

Across the Pond

It's safe to say that the Museum of Pop Culture will go down as the best museum I have ever visited. The Pearl Jam: Home and Away exhibition was worth the trip alone! Not to mention the exhibitions on Nirvana, Hendrix, guitars, and Prince.

- Steven T., United Kingdom, as told to Rachael Lovette, Content Marketing Manager 


Kindness Goes a Long Way

Every staff member we interacted with was friendly and helpful. They all seemed to enjoy their jobs which made the visit more enjoyable.

- As told to Kate Felde, Visitor Services Sr. Supervisor


From WSU with Love 

Mari, a Washington State University student, volunteered this summer in Sound Lab. Her kindness coupled with her love of rock music has been an asset to the volunteer program. We look forward to seeing her volunteer again during school breaks. MoPOP’s 100+ volunteers contribute to the guest experience while advancing MoPOP’s mission.  More information on volunteering in Sound Lab, or our other roles, can be found here.

- Chelsea Rodriguez, Volunteer Program Manager


Here for the Grunge

Last week I visited the Pearl Jam: Home and Away exhibition at the Museum of Pop Culture TWICE in one week during my visit from Australia. I loved every second of it and seriously want to do it all over again.

- Belinda, Australia, as told to Rachael Lovette, Content Marketing Manager 

Do you have a memorable experience you want to share? Let us know!

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