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Sound Off! Where Are They Now? Catching Up With Courtney Fortune

Courtney Fortune Sound Off!

While our Sound Off! 2020 finals are postponed we’ll be checking in with program participants from years’ past, seeing what they’re up to these days, and asking how Sound Off! has shaped their current careers.

First up is 2006 finalist Courtney Fortune. Here’s what Courtney had to say about Sound Off! and her music career, which has taken her all over the world!

My Sound Off! experience definitely ignited the fire and helped shape who I am as a performing artist. I'll never forget how exciting it was to be on stage that night, it gave me a creative platform and a taste of what was next.

Since Sound Off! I've been a touring and recording artist, performing all over Asia, in Las Vegas, and Disneyland, and at one point appearing in my own Japanese reality TV show. As a professional songwriter I've written for major labels, pop stars, Japanese boy bands, Cartoon Network, and TV/film. I also founded a songwriting program for teens and adults called Songmaker Sessions. My aim is to empower and inspire others, help artists discover their unique voice and make their songs the best they can be.

You can check out Courtney on Instagram @courtneyfortunemusic, learn more about her Songmaker Sessions, and find her on YouTube, where she features artist interviews, live performances, songwriting discussions, and more.

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