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MoPOP Book Club To Explore Jimi Hendrix's Love of Sci-Fi With George R. Stewart's 'Earth Abides'

MoPOP Book Club - 'Earth Abides' - presented by First Tech

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, we're bringing together two of our biggest obsessions—Jimi Hendrix and science fiction—for a fall edition of MoPOP Book Club, presented by First Tech.

Turns out, one of the biggest names in rock history was a bit of a nerd himself. As such, we’ll be exploring Hendrix’s love of sci-fi by flipping through one of his favorite selections: Earth Abides by George R. Stewart.

It's the book Hendrix cited as the inspiration behind the song “Third Stone from the Sun.” Plus, Earth Abides takes places during a global epidemic, which hits more than a little close to home. Just check out the novel's description:

"A disease of unparalleled destructive force has sprung up almost simultaneously in every corner of the globe, all but destroying the human race. One survivor, strangely immune to the effects of the epidemic, ventures forward to experience a world without man. What he ultimately discovers will prove far more astonishing than anything he'd either dreaded or hoped for."

We'll host two virtual book club discussions in the coming weeks, one on Wednesday, September 30 and another on Wednesday, October 7, where we'll discuss themes surrounding Earth Abides and dig deeper into Hendrix's sci-fi fandom. Registration for our first session is now open over at

Finally, here's a few places where you can find Earth Abides. Go pick up or download your copy today and get reading! We'll see you soon online.


We are providing readers and those that wish to participate in our MoPOP Book Club these content notes for George R. Stewart’s Earth Abides, our September book club selection. Some readers might find some elements of the book to be triggering.

*Please note that these warnings are for the entirety of 'Earth Abides': 

  • Major plot line about infectious disease. The way the author describes these events could be seen as a reflection of the Coronavirus.
  • Loss of loved one
  • Use of racist, misogynistic language
  • Mistreatment of animals
  • Mentions of Sex

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