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So Bad It's Good: Watch 'Battlefield Earth' With MoPOP + Special Guest Mark Hofmeyer!

Movies at MoPOP - So Bad It's Good: 'Battlefield Earth'

Movies you love to hate: everybody’s got ‘em. They’re the cinematic junk food that feeds our souls, tickles our funny bone, and rolls our eyes. That’s why they’re the focus of our current film series: So Bad It’s Good.

Hosted by MoPOP’s very own Kasi Gaarenstroom, the all-virtual series takes place every second Saturday of the month at 6 p.m. PST, with each screening featuring a special guest who will fight for the legitimacy of their favorite movie flop. Audience participation is highly encouraged—attendees can sound off in the chat and heckle (or praise) the current movie!

So grab some popcorn, fire up the ol’ internet, and get ready to cringe at 6 p.m. PST this Saturday, April 10 as we celebrate Battlefield Earth. The first thing you should know about this movie is that it was based on a novel by L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of scientology. The star of the film and fellow Scientologist, John Travolta, fought for YEARS to get it made, but studios were hesitant due to the script's connection to Scientology. Well, it eventually did get made, and guess what? It was a huge commercial and critical failure. Which is why we’re so enthused about it! Quick summary: It’s the year 3000 and earth is a wasteland. Mankind is on the verge of extinction. John Travolta has to save them.

Our special guest for Saturday's Battlefield Earth watchalong is Mark Hofmeyer, a writer, podcast host and the founder of Movies, Films and Flix. He is widely known for his ability to bring a unique (and sometimes weird) perspective to movie data analysis. A seasoned writer, Mark's work is published on major sites like Rotten Tomatoes, Cracked, and The Film Theorists 

With an emphasis on filmmaking, Mark also teaches college level courses in production design, composition, short and long form storytelling, and film history. Prior to his work as an adjunct professor, Hofmeyer served in hands-on production roles in the film industry on over 150 sets for major motion pictures, television, music videos, and commercials.   

He holds a BFA in Literature and an MA in Media and Communication Studies, both from Florida State University, and lives with his wife and cats in Atlanta, Ga. 

Here's a handful of elements participants can expect to see this Saturday night: 

  • Pre-film introduction with MoPOP’s Kasi Gaarenstroom and special guest Mark Hofmeyer
  • Chat with Kasi, Mark, and other fans during the film 
  • Post-film reaction to the film and discussion on why Battlefield Earth is So Bad It's Good

As with all of MoPOP's online watchalongs, to attend you'll need to register in advance and then, on event day, you'll receive an e-mail with a link to join the virtual event. Registration for Battlefield Earth and all the other films in our So Bad It's Good Movies at MoPOP series is open now.

Before we begin this weekend, make sure to have a copy of the film queued up on your end. Here's a handful of places where you can find Battlefield Earth online:

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