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MoPOP Matinee Takeover to Feature Community-Driven Screenings From Other Local Nonprofits in Sound + Vision Theater

MoPOP Matinee Takeover Community-Driven Screenings

Everyone loves a good crossover episode — that's why we’re bringing in some guest stars to continue supplying fresh content at MoPOP. For our Matinee Takeover, we’re teaming up with other local nonprofits to put a range of perspectives from the Seattle community onto our theater screen.

From March through June, Three Dollar Bill Cinema is in the director’s chair, showcasing the very best of queer horror shorts. MoPOP’s Sound + Vision Theater will play a lineup chosen exclusively by our partner for two screenings each day we’re open.

Take a break from wandering through our exhibitions, see something you’ve never seen before, and learn about what’s going on with our friends in Seattle. Screenings are included in your general admission ticket at no extra cost, making MoPOP Matinee Takeovers an easy and fun addition to your museum experience.


So, what's playing, and when? These short films will play together as a block at noon and 2:30pm every day we’re open.

Content warnings: These films contain horror gore, violence, nudity, explicit language, sexual content.


Nicole De Meneses; 2019; USA; 4 min.  

A stalker sets his sights on the wrong victim and gets more than he bargained for.   


Richard Louprasong; 2021; USA; 7 min. 

On Halloween night, a couple ventures into the woods — rumored to be haunted — to conjure up an urban legend. 


Zach Siegel; 2021; USA; 10 min.  

A first date goes sour when the forest reveals hidden secrets.  


Álvaro Vicario; 2019; Spain; 10 min.; in Spanish with English subtitles 

Hilarity ensues as José tries to regain control of his home during a paranormal event. 


Sarah Wisner + Sean Temple; 2020; USA; 6 min. 

Stopping at a sketchy motel for some private intimacy, Gwen and Jade get the sense that someone’s watching them. 


StormMiguel Florez; 2012; USA; 6 min. 

A heartbroken zombie drinks deep to forget and discovers his true nature in this twangy ode to the Manhattan cocktail. 


Sydne Horton; 2020; USA; 9 min. 

A trans prom king gets a bloody surprise before he’s crowned. 

About Our Partner

Three Dollar Bill Cinema is Seattle's local queer film hub, providing our community with access to films by, for, and about queer & trans people. They curate year-round film screenings, festivals, educational experiences, and community connections to bring quality queer cinema to our communities.


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