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10 Horror Podcasts For Your Drive Home

You’ve listened to all 200 episodes of Welcome to Night Vale. Finished binging season three of The Black Tapes. Caught up on the latest from The Magnus Archives and My Favorite Murder

Now what? (They don’t expect us to read... do they?) 

Keep the binge going strong with these bone-chilling podcasts that’ll have you nibbling your nails on the edge of your seat way past midnight. 


1. Let's Not Meet 

Horrifying true crime stories written by scarred survivors that’ll make you think twice before going outside ever again. 


2. And That’s Why We Drink 

Paranormal meets true crime in a hilarious podcast that will have you reaching for the booze with real-life encounters featuring everything from UFOs to serial killers. 


3. Hello From The Hallowoods 

This queer horror follows a diverse group of residents grappling with identity and acceptance. Oh... and also the end of the world. 


4. Black Women Are Scary 

This anthology series spotlights horror stories created by Black women whose brilliantly horrifying stories have been overlooked by mainstream horror. 


5. Nightmare Magazine 

Zombies. Haunted houses. Visceral psychological thrillers. Grotesque body horror. This anthology series, featuring new authors and bestsellers alike, has it all. 


6. Nighty Night with Rabia Chaudry 

True crime and traditional horror collide with an anthology series that delivers creepy bedtime stories crafted from lesser-known classics and spiced up with a modern spin. 


7. The Evolution of Horror 

A must-listen for movie buffs who enjoy in-depth discussions about the history of the horror genre, with hosts meticulously dissecting one sub-genre at a time. 


8. Knifepoint Horror 

Tales of supernatural suspense made masterful by a slow-burn approach to storytelling that makes its horrific twists all the more satisfying. 


9. Lore 

Chilling stories from history told in an eerie, campfire-style format that will shake you to your core. The Amazon Prime show it inspired may have been cancelled, but the podcast is still going strong. 


10. See You in Your Nightmares

(OUR TOP CHOICE) This 12-episode series follows Harper Hart, a 17-year-old insomniac whose trip to a futuristic treatment center takes a spine-chilling turn thanks to a shady AI (much like our very own in-house AI, Poppy). 



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Myron Madden is the content marketing manager (and maestro of mischief) at MoPOP.