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MoPOP Murder Music: Jason’s Killer Workout

"He’s still out there, some sort of demented creature, surviving in the wilderness, full grown by now ... stalking ... stealing what he needs, living off wild animals and vegetation." -Paul, 'Friday the 13th Part II'

Know what really makes Jason Voorhees an unstoppable killing machine? Cardio.

The infamous serial killer of Camp Crystal Lake is on another rampage, and this time, he’s picking off anyone bold enough to skip leg day. (Uh oh... that means YOU.) 

If you hope to stand a chance against those indestructible abs, better hop on a treadmill and run like your life depends on it. For extra motivation, here are the 13 songs Jason is rumored to play on repeat while deadlifting the corpses of his victims. 



Willing to risk a face-to-face encounter with Jason, himself? Plan your next visit to MoPOP!

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