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Charging into the Future with the SF&F Hall of Fame

In the past, new inductees to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame were chosen by a secret society whose masked, anonymous members met at twilight in a lonely wood outside Lawrence, Kansas.

Well, okay, it wasn’t a secret society and they met at an academic conference. But the point is these dudes (and they were all dudes) just decided who was in. They had great intentions, and founded a great institution, but at MoPOP we believe an open process that brings in more voices creates a robust and diverse Hall of Fame. Science fiction and fantasy is a massively popular, global obsession, and any list of the best of the best should reflect the whole range of stories and their fans.

Today anyone can help choose new inductees by nominating and voting. Share your fantastical passions with us, and help expand this growing body of imaginative writers, artists, filmmakers, games, movies, characters and more.

So, how do you nominate and vote for your favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy creator and creation?

Step 1: Visit the Nomination Page and nominate as many creators and creations as you'd like

Step 2: Await the voting period from May 24 to June 6 (Follow our Instagram for real-time updates! @MoPOPSeattle)

Step 3: Vote for your favorite

Step 4: Share the link out to the stratosphere

Step 5: Hall of Fame Inductees to be announced on June 7


Written by Brooks Peck, Curator


About the author

Brooks Peck is the Senior Curator at MoPOP.