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Chapter I: The Journey Begins

Moe the MoPOP Dog (they/them) is lost in Seattle and needs the help of some friends who love pop culture like they do.

Hey, Moe” comes a shout from a little box with a screen on the ground. Curious, Moe sniffs it out.

HEY, MOE” they hear again louder. Moe realizes there are a bunch of kids on the computer screen.

“Hi. What are y’all doing?” asks Moe, getting closer.

“We’re in anime club,” the kids shout back in unison.

Soon Moe is deep in learning with his new virtual friends, drawing an anime panel with a professional artist and learning about storytelling, character development, and worldbuilding. They delve into all things pop culture like movies, comics, and more.

Moe realizes they feel a little less scared and a little more at home with these new friends. They’re excited to explore more with them!

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, and Moe falls through a sparking hole of glitter….

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MoPOP Virtual Student Clubs

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Anime Club

Virtual Anime Club for ages 9–11 meets Tuesdays at 4:00pm beginning October 11.

Virtual Anime Club for ages 12–14 meets Tuesdays at 4:00pm beginning October 11.

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Minecraft Student Club

Virtual Minecraft Club for ages 10–14 meets Wednesdays at 3:30pm all year — sign up by month or get discounts for multi-month registration.

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Character Costume Design Activity

Try out this MoPOP prompt to sample some of the creative work and learning that happens in student clubs. This designer activity activates our brain, inviting students to think about how pop culture character costumes helps to tell stories, share identities, and world-building.

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MoPOP Education Programs

Outreach Workshops and Kits

Outreach Workshops and Kits

Bring the wonder and excitement of MoPOP to your school! We offer kits, workshops, and performances to liven up the classroom.

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Virtual Student Clubs

Anime Club

We help students dive deeper into what they love and solve creative challenges together.

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In-Museum Workshops

In-Museum Workshops

All workshops are facilitated by trained educators who are experts at connecting the themes and ideas in the gallery with fun, creative, hands-on projects.

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