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Voting and pop culture have some stuff in common… they’re things everyone can get behind, you’re super cool when you’re up to speed on them, and the fate of our democracy depends on them (well actually, that one is just about voting). In this important election year, we’re encouraging everyone to “be heard” at the ballot box. Here we have collected resources about why your vote matters and how you can be a voter. It’s up to you to take part.

Be Heard  

It’s a noisy world 

But you don't necessarily have to be loud to be heard 

You don’t have to yell just to have a say 

All you have to do to start making a difference 

Is vote 

Voting is the first step in using your voice  

To make your world into what you want it to be 

In our democracy, voting is your built-in power.  

It is everyone’s invitation to participate. 

But you have to choose to use it. 


Or make sure that you are still registered 

Then vote 

As early as you are able. 

It’s your voice 

Use it 

Be Heard