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July Visitor Voices

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Whether it’s a school field trip, a family outing or a just by chance visit, everyone has a story about their visit to the Museum of Pop Culture.

These stories can give us a behind-the-scenes look at the individuals who work at the museum and the meaningful, transformative experiences that guests had during their visit and how their experience entertained, educated and/or helped them gain a new perspective and appreciation for pop culture.

Intro to Music

The last time we visited the Museum of Pop Culture was in 2014 when our daughter Kate was 7 years old. She had never touched an instrument before (neither her Dad or I play instruments) and was instantly drawn to the Sound Lab and the “make your own rock video” area (Jam Session).  She loved the experience so much and was so inspired that when we came home to North Carolina she asked to learn keyboard — so we got her piano lessons. She also started tuba this year through school and is excelling in both musical mediums. She is now 12 years old and was recently awarded a letter of recognition as a top music talent by elite music programs following her first-ever summer camp in mid-July.

Last week we came out to Seattle for a family vacation and to drop off our other child at Summer Camp. We wanted to recognize Kate for her award, so we offered to take her anywhere she wanted in the city. We offered things like a dinner at the Space Needle, an adventure on the waterfront with a trip to the Aquarium and a ride on the Ferris Wheel, but she shot them all down. The only place she was interested in going was MoPOP.

Thank you for the amazing experience, it truly has been life-changing. 

 - The Reid Family, North Carolina, as told to Rachael Lovette, Content Marketing Manager 


Professional Development

MoPOP is the only museum in Seattle that actually reaches out to teachers with a huge variety of ways to connect, grow our teaching practice, and get students involved.

- Laura S., Seattle High School teacher as told to Kim Goldberg, Annual Fund Manager


From Southern Oregon to MoPOP

In June my wife and I took our three boys (15, 13, 11) to the Museum of Pop Culture as part of our summer vacation trip from southern Oregon, about 450 miles.  

Each of us had our favorite parts: the older boys loved the memorabilia in the Horror and Sci-Fi displays, my youngest was losing his mind at the Independent Games feature, and as a lifelong fan, the Pearl Jam exhibit was everything and more to me. My wife marveled at the Nirvana room and the thoroughness from the beginning to end. 

We had lunch at the Wolfgang Puck Culture Kitchen, and I can honestly say I had one of the best burgers I have ever eaten, and everybody was very pleased with their choices. Last year for our anniversary, my wife and I made the trip up and got to see the INCREDIBLE Marvel Comics exhibit which was just mind-blowing. Any time we are in town, it’s an absolute guarantee that we will be making the Museum of Pop Culture a part of our itinerary. 

Thank you from my family and me as we had an amazing experience. Looking forward to the next time!

- The Regan Family, Oregon as told to Rachael Lovette, Content Marketing Manager


Chasing Nirvana

We salute all the donors and volunteers who believe that pop culture makes change possible. Take Jenn DeBellis, a volunteer for nearly 10 years who did over 900 tours during her time at MoPOP. Jenn was a tour guide for Nirvana: Bringing Punk to the Masses before retiring this July.

- Kim Goldberg, Annual Fund Manager

Do you have a memorable experience you want to share? Let us know!

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