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WATCH: 'Minecraft: The Exhibition' - Behind The Scenes

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into building an exhibition at the Museum of Pop Culture, look no further than the behind-the-scenes video above, which showcases how MoPOP’s newest exhibition, Minecraft: The Exhibition, came to be.

In the three-minute 15-second feature, Jacob McMurray, MoPOP’s Director of Curatorial Affairs, and Brooks Peck, the museum’s Senior Curator, walk through the exhibition’s inception, construction, and deployment while educating followers on the multi-faceted impact of the Minecraft phenomenon.

“An exhibition is a really complex project,” McMurray says. “It’s something that ultimately touches every single person at the museum.”

Peck elaborates, adding, “We have fabricators who do the actual physical build, we have interactive developers and tech folks, designers and graphic designers. Meanwhile, the education team and the public programs team are working on events and educational activities and all the things that support an exhibition outside of the physical exhibition space.”

Minecraft: The Exhibition’s goal was to bring the game’s virtual landscape to life through full-scale creatures, scenic backdrops, a day-night lighting cycle, and dynamic audio effects.

“We really wanted to create a space where you felt like you were inside of Minecraft,” McMurray says. “You’re really kind of experiencing what you would experience in the game, but you see yourself in there.”

Creating an exhibition centered around the world’s top-selling video game was as much about catering to Minecraft’s superfans as it was educating museum goers on Minecraft’s impact outside of entertainment, including its influence in education, community, and the pop culture world at large.

“The reason we felt an exhibition about Minecraft would work really well at MoPOP is we’re really trying to explore all different areas of nerdy passion and popular culture,” says McMurray. “This is a game that was created 10 years ago and is still going strong.”

Adds Peck: “We really want to show visitors what is possible in Minecraft, and for us it’s an opportunity to reach fans, but also reach a wide audience of folks who have maybe heard about Minecraft and are a little curious. We really want to show them the importance and the power and the excitement of this really, really groundbreaking game.”

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