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Guess Who’s Performing at Freakout Festival

You saw them perform on the Sound Off! stage, but now these young artists will bring their talents to an even larger audience at this year's Freakout Festival.

Get reacquainted with the five Sound Off! alumni before you catch their performances November 10-13!


i///u blends traditional soul with a dash of pop inspiration to create a neo soul sound that is all their own. Smooth brass flows over up-tempo rhythms, making their tracks delightfully danceable, while dynamic instrumental arrangements give a spicy edge to their stew of jazz, R&B, and soul. 



Talaya uses space and time as a three-dimensional canvas, painting depth into her music with powerful instrumentation, lyrics, and a keen ear for production. After joining The Residency in 2017 with no formal training and YouTube as her teacher, she embarked on what is now a life-long journey of connecting ears with hearts.


Kiddus Fecto 

The first thing you hear when Kiddus Fecto takes the stage is the deep bass of his voice, and though he immediately commands a space when he sings, you’re also drawn into the depth of his craft as a songwriter, producer, and performer. Swinging naturally between hip-hop and R&B, and fiercely devoted to the music community, Kiddus lifts his listeners up.


Maceo Sky 

Maceo Sky is intent on delighting the brain and twisting the familiar. His music is an auditory adventure, with lyrics that drift from poetic, to playful, to conversational, and a sound that combines the sophisticated rhythms of hip-hop, the addictive pulse of dance music, and the colorful textures of rock, in a marriage officiated by story.


Sam Ashkenazy 

Sam Ashkenazy is a singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist with a deep passion for songwriting and performing. Growing up in Seattle, Washington, Ashkenazy began performing his own music live at the age of 13 with influences in jazz, rock, funk, hip hop, and blues music.

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