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You can go your own way with a self-guided field trip, In-Museum Workshop, or both! Our education programs, innovative exhibitions, hands-on activities, and interactive workshops provide equitable access to all.

Programs support students in using the universe of pop culture to inspire curiosity, invite open dialogue, foster collaboration and creative thinking, and discover the life-changing force of creative expression. Education group experiences link WA State's core learning objectives and 21st-century skills with pop culture.

At MoPOP, we strive to create welcoming spaces for learning. MoPOP offers Sensory Kit items like fidget toys and headphones. During your In-Museum Workshop booking, our educators will reach out to get to know more about you, your students' learning styles and group culture.

To make a reservation for your in-museum experience please use the "Education Field Trip or In-Museum Workshop Reservation" form below.

Self-Guided Field Trips

Grade Grades: K-12 and College
Event location MoPOP

Self-guided field trips at MoPOP are flexible exploring and learning experiences, whether you are here for 2 hours or 4. Plus, self-guided field trips are available all year round!

Field Trips can be scheduled during museum open hours and must be booked two weeks in advance to qualify for the Education group rate.

Shape Shifters: The Art and Math of Costume Design

Grade Grades: Kinder to 2nd
Event location In-Museum Workshop

Investigate how costume designers weave stories using art and math. Students will become designers working collaboratively to craft costumes with life-size mannequins to manipulate, transform, and build composite shapes using different fabric textures and clothing accessories.

Educators, this workshop would be great for your students if you are learning about: shapes, color theory, composition, visual arts, character archetypes or tropes, or storytelling through design.

Hero’s Journey to
Collective Journey

Grade Grades: 3rd to 5th
Event location In-Museum Workshop

Watch your students bloom into inspired storytellers while exploring, comparing, and contrasting the individual centered Hero’s Journey and the collaborative Collective Journey story structures! Students will use imagination and creativity to connect with story structures through their favorite pop culture examples. They’ll also celebrate their own identities while creating fantasy characters and embarking on a journey together to problem-solve as a collective community.

Educators, this workshop would be great for your students if you are learning about: Story Building/Writing, Hero’s Journey story structure, Collective Journey story structure, character archetypes, writing narratives, or language arts.

Architecture Tour: Inside MoPOP

Grade Grades: 3rd to 8th
Event location In-Museum Workshop

Discover the art and science of designing buildings by exploring MoPOP’s architecture. Students will dive into the cross sectors of art, engineering, and space building as they learn about Frank Gehry’s designs. On a walking tour of MoPOP, students will get a behind-the-scenes scoop of every nook and cranny and analyze in person a newly recognized historical building. Then, they'll use that inspiration to solve their own design challenges!

Educators, this workshop would be great for your students if you are learning about: art, engineering, architecture, visual arts, or universal space design.

Crafting Communities

Grade Grades: 3rd to 12th
Event location In-Museum Workshop

What can games like Minecraft teach us about establishing a community and our roles in building relationships? From creating basic survival needs to sharing surpluses and asking for help, students will investigate how communities form, develop, and grow using simulated habitats in an interactive, real-life game environment.

Educators, this workshop would be great for your students if you are learning about: Community, civics, economics, sustainability, history, or social studies.

This Machine Kills Fascists: Pop Culture and Activism

Grade Grades: 9th to 12th
Event location In-Museum Workshop

From musicians who use songs as a call to action to photographers who use images as protest, pop culture plays a critical role in activism. Students will analyze different pop culture works, and the "machines" creative folx have produced that we all can use to make a difference. Then, they will explore their skills and interests to process collective anger, raise awareness, and let their voices be heard through crafted personal social justice statements.

Educators, this workshop would be great for your students if you are learning about: photography, activism, social justice, writing or individual and collective impact.

Field Trips are available all year round and In-Museum Workshops are available September through June! Education visits and In-Museum Workshops must be scheduled during museum open hours and two weeks in advance to qualify for the Education group rate.

Eligible Education groups qualify for a discounted museum admission of $6.00 per person for K-12 groups or $10 per person for college/university groups. Admission includes an orientation and access to exhibitions for the day. To qualify, reservations must be made by a teacher (K-12, homeschool, college/university, etc.), school administrator, or designated parent representative. Special exhibition access may incur additional fees.

In-Museum Workshops are 45 to 60 minutes long and $110.00 per workshop. Workshops accommodate up to 30 students; if a group is more than 30, multiple workshops may be required. Museum admission is required for each person in the group and is paid separately. Saturday requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Groups ineligible for the education group rate may still book an In-Museum Workshop.

  • Watch our Orientation Video before visiting!
  • All guests must follow the museum’s current COVID-19 policies.
  • Food is important for fueling fun! No outside food or beverage is permitted at MoPOP so please plan accordingly. There are areas around Seattle center where your group may eat before or after your visit.
  • There are multiple areas around Seattle Center where free parking is available. Please ask for guidance. MoPOP does not have designated parking for school buses.
  • Students must stay with their chaperones for the duration of the MoPOP visit. MoPOP requires all groups to maintain student to chaperone ratios during their visit. We have a required chaperone to student ratio of 1:5 for K-5, 1:7 for 6-8, and 1:10 for 9-12.
  • Bring things to take notes on what you see or learn! Leave extra items behind. MoPOP storage bins are limited to two-hour reservations.
  • Photos are welcome, just please do not use flash.

Transportation reimbursement is available to limited number of qualified groups. To be considered please complete the application form three weeks before your scheduled visit.

Explore other ways to engage with MoPOP content! Beam our educators into your classroom with our Virtual Field Trips, solve the mysteries of the Cave of Bemagorn in our Outreach Kit, join a Virtual Student Club, use our FREE Online Resources to enhance your classroom curriculum, and more!

For more information on in-museum learning, contact us at or call 206-262-3239.

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